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IPv6 IPv4 addresses are running out. According to various estimates, the total lack of new addresses may take place in early 2012. The new IPv6 protocol works in parallel with IPv4. It should be deployed today to have time to adapt applications and websites.

Deployment of IPv6 in CIS NEPHAX's network took place in March 2009. We were one of the first operators in Poland to offer commercial IPv6 services on the basis of high SLA, the same as for IPv4.

We provide IPv6 addresses free of charge. Within the possession of multiply connections, we guarantee 100% visibility of our IPv6 address space in the Internet. It is very important because there are still problems with IPv6 network. For example, there is no access between Level3 and HE (as of 12.2010). Our specialists provide assistance with deployment of a new protocol on your server.

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