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About Us

We operate in the IT market since the late nineties. Creativity, reliability, intimate knowledge of technology and the experience translate our work into success.

Every business requires individual solutions.

We create solutions designed to bring benefits to their owners. To complete our tasks we choose the best specialists. We accurately analyze customer needs, choose the right technologies and we help reaching the target audience.

Outsourcing network infrastructure

Our aim is to provide you with a 100% outsourcing of network infrastructure - dedicated servers, collocation, servers and telecommunications equipment delivery, data transmission, Internet access, server administration and advanced network systems. You do not have to select various suppliers of equipment and solutions. You can get everything in one place.


We are a member of the RIPE NCC, an organization that manages the IP addressing in Europe.

We constantly strive for providing the highest quality of our services - by investing in equipment and people. We use the latest solutions, helping you to get the best performance from the network.

If you are interested in our services or cooperation - please contact us.

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